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isagenix_logo_assocIn many parts of life, you get out of it what you put into it, and sometimes more. Training with Unique Physique for Life will help you to improve many aspects of your fitness and overall health. UPL will help you track your results so you can see where you started, just how far you’ve come, and what’s left until you meet your goal. UPL’s results system makes it easy to see how many inches and pounds you’ve lost at any step in your journey toward your perfect physique. You can improve your overall health with a good fitness routine and a healthy diet. Stay tuned to learn more about the Body Evolver and other indications of success!

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Success Stories / Testimonials

“I have been training with Ty for 18 months, 2x per week! Before I started, I felt out of shape, old, and could not go up bleachers etc. Ty helped change my approach to healthy eating & exercise by passing along better choices  & encouraging me. It is more in my mind now. Since I have been training with Ty, I can go up steps so much better, my strength has increased, & I definitely notice overall improvement. Ty designed my program for my needs. He accommodates my work schedule, answers texts asap, he doesn’t ever cancel, & I am very pleased:) 5 star rating:)” Cristine M.


“Before I started training with Jessica, I felt flabby, out of shape, and no muscle tone.  When I first spoke with Jessica, I could not wait to get started with my personal training.  Jessica helped me to determine my appropriate daily caloric intake as well as vitamin supplements.  I felt more confident, self-assured, and powerful when I first started training with Jessica, and the pounds dropped instantly.  Jessica is wonderful!  She is tough, but also mindful of ones limitations.  She always varies the workouts and works every part of the body.  I have trained with other trainers in the past and Jessica is by far the best!  Going to Jessica was the best decision I ever made!”   Tina B.


“Before I started training with Jessica, I felt FAT!  When I met Jessica and started trianing with her, it was hard work, but I did it and it was so worth it!  Jessica has helped me to change my approach to healthy eating and exercise.  She has made me more aware of calories and portion control and helped me learn what to eat in order to make me feel full without all the calories.  I have lost over 30lbs. and I feel so much better, and am more concious of my eating.  Jessica as a trainer is very motivating and great at giving people the support they need!”  C.R.


“Before I met Jessica, I struggled at making progress cutting down the fat content of my body.  As I trained with Jessica I felt challenged as she pushed me to work harder, but I hit my goal weight and cut a bunch of body fat.  She always talked to me about my food and drink intake.  Jessica was also the first trainer to do PNF Stretching on me which really helped.  Jessica is by far, the best trainer I have ever had!  In 5 years, I have had two other trainers who never got as much accomplished with me as Jessica!”  Bill S.